Vegetable Fermenting Workshop


Tuesday, Feb 27 from 7-9pm at Verde Juice Bar, 889 Westminster Avenue.

Lacto fermemtnation is an amazing process that promotes the growth of healthy bacteria and creates delicious condiments and "pickles". It is completely different from pickling however, and relies on vegetables, salt and time to create super probiotic and delicious results. Adding even small amounts of fermented veggies to your diet can have huge health benefits!

I have been fermenting vegetables and experimenting with the process for at least 10 years, and I love teaching people to make their own!

This workshop is a fun and hands on evening! We will make several different types of fermented vegetables and you will take home your own jars of veggies so you can watch them transform in your kitchen. You will feel confident to start making your own ferments at home once you see how straightforward the process can be.

Most of the vegetables and herbs we will use are locally grown from Jonathan's Farm.

There will be ferments to taste and lots to discuss! I can't wait to see you there!

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