Our Story

It's hard to pinpoint when the idea for Greenwood naturals was born. It might have been under horrible fluorescent lighting in supermarket aisles as Kristin scoured ingredient labels of soaps, shampoos and body lotions, feeling incredibly worried about the words she was reading.

It might have been when her first, brand new baby boy was born, and she couldn't bring herself to wash him with anything other than water for weeks, upon seeing and smelling his perfect baby skin. What product could possibly be good enough for him?

Or maybe it was all the summers spent in North Western Ontario at the family cottage, on an island, with no indoor toilet, running water or electricity. Living close to the earth really makes you reflect on what you're doing to it, and on the effects our lifestyle has on our environment.

Whenever and wherever the idea was conceived, it has finally developed into this space. An online shop dedicated to providing beautiful, natural products that are gentle on your body, your indoor environment and the planet.

We want to make it easy for you to live a healthier, more natural lifestyle. We hope you love these products as much as we do.

Happy browsing,

Kristin, Founder/Owner Greenwood Naturals