Moonlit Kitchen Water Kefir


Water kefir is a bubbly fermented beverage, chock full of beneficial bacteria that can aid in digestion and give the immune system a boost. It is made with a special culture or scoby, called water kefir grains (side note, they aren't actually grains!) which work to ferment organic unrefined cane sugar and produce a lightly carbonated drink. The resulting beverage contains very little sugar after the fermentation process is complete. It can be enjoyed by the whole family! I recommend starting with small amounts as your body adjusts to all that healthy bacteria!

Water kefir is free of:
Excess sugar (most of the sugar is metabolized by the bacteria and yeasts during fermentation)

The best part about it is that it's delicious! At Moonlit Kitchen, we use organic juices, fruits, herbs and spices during the fermentation process to make it taste extra delicious, add valuable vitamins and nutrients and to create a lovely, natural fizz to the brew.

Pick up location is at Verde Juice bar, the first and third weekend of the month, between Friday and Sunday, 10am to 5pm. Make sure to bring your bottle back each time to swap them. 

Each week there will be different flavours, using local and organic ingredients whenever possible. Flavours vary with the season.

1 litre

We hope you love Moonlit Kitchen water kefir and can't wait to share it with you!

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